Elettaria Cardamomum

 Originated in India, true cardamom, aka green cardamom pods, derived from the Elettaria Cardamomum plant is a fundamental key ingredient in our recipe. It has a substantial amount of medicinal properties & has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Here are all the perks you get for implementing a vital natural spice, with a light sweet flavor that is similar to mint in your morning or afternoon cup of tea.


  • Helps aid in high blood pressure. Due to the awesome levels of antioxidants in cardamom, it will help lower blood pressure next to having a diuretic effect, meaning it will cause you to urinate to get rid off water built up in your body, for instance, around your heart.
  • Specific compounds in cardamom may help activate enzymes that help fight against cancer.  Only tests on tubes and mice have been done to prove this so far. Human research is still required.
  • Rich in compounds that may fight inflammation. The antioxidants protect cells from damage and halt inflammation from occurring. Inflammation... thou shall not pass.