Zingiber Officinale

     Ginger is among one of the healthiest & most delicious spices nature has provided us with. Native to China, it is a flowering plant, which has thick roots (known as the rhizome) used by indigenous people for thousands of years. Loaded with bio-active compounds & nutrients beneficial to your body & brain. Another super-food provided by nature that we decided to include in our recipe. 



  • Ginger is high in Gingerol, a compounds with intense anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties.
  • Taking around 1 gram of ginger can help prevent nausea. So if you're prone to being sea sick or having morning sickness, try ginger as it has helped us for years!
  • Ginger is effective for diminishing day-to-day muscle pain, & may even lower exercise related soreness. A fine match in our Recipe #7, which includes Kratom, also known to be a smooth muscle relaxer. 
  • Studies also show that ginger is effective for lessening symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  • Ginger has been proven to lower blood sugar levels & improve heart disease risk factors in patients with type 2 diabetes.
  • Seems to increase the speed at which your stomach empties, which is a huge upside for people with indigestion related stomach pain.
  •  Known to be effective when dealing with menstrual pain when taken in the beginning of the period.
  • There is evidence that ginger can also lead to significant reductions in LDL cholesterol & blood triglyceride levels.
  • Also contains a substance known as 6-gingerol, which may have shielding side effects against cancer. 
  • Studies show ginger can shield against age-induced damage to the brain, along with fighting infections. Also may improve brain function in elderly women.