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A toasty, nutty coffee-like blend of ingredients beneficial for your mind & body with slightly spiced undertones.


Urth Blend consists of 5 ingredients; roasted barley, rye, chicory root, beet-root, & dandelion root. Read more of the benefits of each on our home page...

Dandelion root was used as an alternative to coffee in the 1800's in France during a coffee shortage. It's taste is very similar to coffee, making it a perfect alternative for people who want the taste of coffee without caffeine. However, we made something better than just coffee. We call it urthbrew.


Urth Blend, Cacao, Moringa Leaf, Cinnamon, Lion's Mane, Cloves, Ginger, Cardamom, & Nutmeg.



 No caffeine or kratom whatsoever. 


Please contact your physician about incorporating this product into your daily diet.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any disease.  

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Customer Reviews

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Okay, I think I found my new favorite tea. Pouring this on ice with cold milk is amazing. It’s like a healthy organic spiced latte. So yummy and great job!

Great evening drink

My husband and I love the recipe 9. We just ordered 3 more for the family and they came in yesterday. Thanks AJ :)

Tastes great!

It tastes like spiced chai/coffee. It was a little bitter alone so I added some agave and it was tasting nice!

Actually tastes great!

This drink was actually better than i expected. It comes looking like a bunch of ground powder. I took 1 tablespoon and mixed it in a cup with hot water/milk and its actually a unique flavor. I can taste the spices in there like cardamom, cloves, it reminds me of home. love it!

love it

i have terrible gastritis and stomach pains, so when I drink coffee I get really terrible cramps. This stuff has helped me so much I finally stop buying coffee everyday. It will never come close to the taste of coffee but its still a great replacement, and hey, the ingredients are all organic. It comes unsweeteend, so you should add some sweetner if you would like, I add stevia and it tastes GREAT.